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This script compares a file of inputed questions and tries to find strings that best fit, which are usually the answers. It is configured for the questions to be in a standard text file called q.txt and the answer text (usually the ebook or conglomeration of input data) in a.txt

This program requires the tre-agrep and the agrep programs which are both in the apt repositories:

apt-get install tre-agrep agrep

Using the different programs you can get slightly different results, one of them will probably be the answer.

And on with the code. The output is a stream of html, just direct it to an html file for easy reading.

LINES=`cat q.txt | wc -l`
for EACHLINE in `seq 1 $LINES`
   LINE=`sed -n "$EACHLINE p" q.txt`
   echo -n '<font color="green">' 
   echo -n "$LINEORIG"
   echo '</font><br>'
   echo -n '<font color="red">'
   LINE1=`echo $LINE | cut -c 5-30`
   tre-agrep -i -B "$LINE" a.txt
   echo "<br>" 
   tre-agrep -w -i -B "$LINE" a.txt
   echo '</font><br>'
   echo -n '<font color="660000">'
   agrep -i -By "$LINE1" a.txt
   echo '</font><br><br>'

Use it like this:

bash > output.html
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