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These sounds use an ISD Recorder and require some software to automatically program the sound module. Here is a file that has all the software you need:‎

1  	Shot, Mil-Sim  	Assault Rifle / SMG  	 
2 	Shot, Sci-Fi 	Laser Blaster 	 
3 	Shot, Sniper 	Big Rifle 	 
4 	Empty Chamber 	Hammer Click 	 
5 	Reload Start 	Clip Insert 	 
6 	Reload End 	Slide Action 	 
7 	Screen Change 	Effect  	 
8 	Near Miss 	"Warning" 	 
9 	Hit 	Bullet Impact 	 
10 	Game Over 	"System Deactivated" 	 
11 	Power Up 	Effect 	 
12 	Confirm  	Beep 	 
13 	Error 	Buzzer 	 
14 	Pick Up Ammo 	Clip 	 
15 	Beep1 	Electronic Tone 	 
16 	Beep2 	Electronic Tone 	 
17 	Blank Sound (required) 	Blank Sound
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